Sun visor functions

  • They are designed to help shade the eyes of drivers and passengers from the glare of sunlight
  • Cosmetic mirror and light, ticket holder, side shade and other conveniences

Core technology

  • Expandable Sun Visor: Can expand to the left and right + Extended shading
  • Dual Sun Visor: Can shade both front and side at the same time
  • Slim Sun Visor: Developed an optimal slim sun visor that’s 10mm or less in thickness
  • IT integrated Sun Visor: Smart Phone Bluetooth compatible and TOLED Navi feature


Seat cover (natural / faux leather) function

  • Provides comfort with seats and increased emotional quality

Core technology

  • New adhesive method development for the sponge at the back of leather or fabric
  • Sewing automation equipment installed (protector, magic tape etc.)
  • Increase air bag quality with automatic stitch counting
  • Obtained the country’s first quilting technology


Leather wrapping function

  • Upgrade interior design with premium natural/faux leather wrapping
  • Application of 3D Mesh to increase and maximize touch sensitivity

Core technology

  • Localization of natural/faux leather wrapping for the interior parts
  • Application of 3D Mesh to maximize soft touch
  • Created invisible type for PAB DOOR


Door Spot Lamp function

  • Illuminate the brand logo on the surface when the door opens to alert the oncoming traffic

Core technology

  • High quality OEM and aftermarket parts
  • Application method for color type: attach color film on the lens