Sun visor functions

  • They are designed to help shade the eyes of drivers and passengers from the glare of sunlight
  • Cosmetic mirror and light, ticket holder, side shade and other conveniences

Core technology

  • Expandable Sun Visor: Can expand to the left and right + Extended shading
  • Dual Sun Visor: Can shade both front and side at the same time
  • Slim Sun Visor: Developed an optimal slim sun visor that’s 10mm or less in thickness
  • IT integrated Sun Visor: Smart Phone Bluetooth compatible and TOLED Navi feature


Seat cover (natural / faux leather) function

  • Provides comfort with seats and increased emotional quality

Core technology

  • New adhesive method development for the sponge at the back of leather or fabric
  • Sewing automation equipment installed (protector, magic tape etc.)
  • Increase air bag quality with automatic stitch counting
  • Obtained the country’s first quilting technology
  •   – Variety of punching and quilting designs can be implemented


Crash Pad Leather Wrapping Funct

  • Upgrade interior design with premium natural/faux leather wrapping
  • Application of 3D Mesh to increase and maximize touch sensitivity

Core technology

  • Development of Artificial Leather for Crash Pad Wrapping
  •    : Patent application (10-2016-0183044), IR52 Jang Yeong-shil Award (December 6, 2021)
  • Application of 3D Mesh to maximize soft touch
  • Skiving Technology for Airbag Deployment Area
  •   – Leather Rear Tier Line Grinding Treatment : Patent Registered (2039033)


Door Spot Lamp Function

  • When the door is opened, the vehicle logo and a specific image are reflected on the ground, and having the role of the mood light when getting on and off and informing the rear vehicle of the door opening to assure safety

Tailgate Lamp Function

  • Has the role of illuminating the area around the trunk in a dark environment, improving convenience when loading objects and shining the surrounding area



Core Technology

◆ Door Spot Lamp

  • Highly durable and clear compared to other/aftermarket products
  • 3 or more colors are applied to the Logo by Logo Lens Etching Method
  • Replaceable Customized Logo Lens Unit

◆ Tailgate Lamp

  • 15 degree tilt angle can be adjusted by each step, two steps of tilt adjustment function are implemented
  • 2 STEP brightness can be adjusted with touch sensor
  • High level brightness of 139 LUX is guaranteed with 70 mA low power consumption